Beyond Images (Vinyl)


*Limited pressing 12″ Vinyl Version*

Jordan Seigel’s debut album Beyond Images is a vibrant collection of original compositions dedicated to and inspired by some of cinema’s greatest composers, including Bernard Herrmann, John Williams, and Jonny Greenwood. The album “combines the inventiveness and interplay of jazz with the transportive emotional power of the best film scores.”


Jordan Seigel – Piano

Alex Boneham – Bass

Christian Euman – Drums

Natsuki Sugiyama – Alto Saxophone, Alto Flute

Nick Mancini – Vibes

Andrew Synowiec – Guitar, Mandolin

Brian Kilgore – Percussion

Keeley Bumford – Vocals

Glen Berger, Brett McDonald, David Catalan, Jennifer Boyd – Woodwinds

The Vertigo String Quartet